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This is the place where I record, mix and master my music.

Hi-fidelity audio and acoustic music recordings have always been an interesting subject to me. In the last couple of years I've fused composing and playing music with audio production and hopefully this has brought my music to an even higher level. I did my last couple of CD's here ; "Beyond Another Sky" was mixed and mastered here, „Just Fly" ,"Soul motion" and my new CD "Sedam" were recorded and mixed in this studio. It's been an interesting and educational process. I also like to record, mix and master other peoples music when I'm not on the road playing my bass.

Besides great music and outstanding performance, great sounding gear, mics, preamps, outboard equipment and nice instruments are essential for making a superior sounding recording .Recently, I joined forces with a fellow musician and friend of mine, Thomas Mauerhofer and for the last couple of years we've been suffering together from the same disease - Gear fever ; )