This is the place where music is made

Hi-fidelity audio and acoustic music recordings have always been a very important aspect in the process of creating the music of Nenad Vasilic. In the last decade he fused composing and playing music with audio production and this has brought his music to an even higher level. Nenad's albums "Beyond another sky", "Seven", "Just Fly", "Live in Theater Akzent", "Wet Paint", "Soulmotion", "The Art Of The Balkan Bass", "Trio Live", "Bass Room“ and "Compilation Vol 1.“ as well as many other albums, live concerts & videos productions, were all created in this charismatic space.

Besides great music and outstanding performance, great sounding gear, mics, preamps, outboard equipment, and nice instruments are essential for making a superior sounding recording. All this is located in this intimate space in the heart of Vienna.